Wedding Photo Tips and Tricks

Wedding Photo Tips and Tricks

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Every photographer knows that weddings can be your bread and butter that makes it possible to do all the other kinds of photography you crave. But just as there are special tricks to getting babies to look great or animals to give you that right pose, so too are there tips and tricks you will want to use again and again when shooting a wedding.

Have an Envoy

You will need someone, hopefully in the wedding party but not crucial to it, that can give you some tips on the emotional and creative background of the group you will be shooting. After all, there is no way for you to know ahead of time that Aunt Mable and Uncle Henry haven’t spoken to each other ever since The Incident that no one talks about.

You will need someone to tap you on the shoulder when you are posing them so that the recently divorced sister isn’t sitting next to the ex-husband’s new girlfriend. If you ask, the bride can usually name someone that can act in this capacity for you and in fact will be happy to do so.

Leave Time for Prep

The rule is to arrive early and get the lay of the land before everyone else arrives. Best of all, it will give you an opportunity for some behind the scenes shots that are always great for any wedding. If you are planning to use a few props for special shots, such as using sparklers from to light up the reception line at a night wedding, get them ready ahead of time.

Having the time to prepare for every eventuality and even get shots of the guests arriving is a way to get a reputation as a wedding photographer who thinks of everything. That is the kind of reputation you want to create.

Make Group Shots Fun

You know that one of the givens of any wedding is that you will be shooting lots of group shots. The families, the wedding party, the friends, the girlfriends, the guys, you name it there is a group for it.

The name of the game for these shots is to not fuss forever but make it fast and fun. For doing these types of shots you will need to keep the group entertained as you set up the camera, get their attention and keep it. Then take a series of shots while you have them engaged and laughing. After all, a wedding is a joyous occasion, isn’t it?

Get That Shot List Down

All brides, whether they know it or not, have a mental list of the shots they want from this wedding. Before anything else, get that list of shots that must be part of this package from the bride. From cutting the wedding cake to that first dance, make the list.

Make sure that you have planned when and where those shots will take place and that you have what you need to make them work for you. The best time to put this list together is during an informal meeting with the bride and groom before the plans really kick into gear. That list will be gold, the mantra that will make all the rest of it worthwhile.