The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Perfect Wedding

The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Perfect Wedding

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If you have been saddled with the responsibility or organising a wedding, there is much to learn, and with so many things to arrange, it is hard to know where to begin. It might be your own wedding, or possibly a family member, or even a close friend, but if you have been assigned the job of arranging the event, here are some critical points to consider.

Event Management

If you have some experience in organising events, then you will know how important the planning stage is, which is why major events will always have an event manager, whose job it is to co-ordinate and liaise with the various services that are brought together to make the day a special one. Preparations need to commence months before the wedding day, in fact, as soon as the date has been agreed upon, then the work can begin.

The Guest List

It is critical to begin with the guests, as you cannot plan for a venue until you know your numbers, so make the list and then design and print the invitations. If the wedding is going to be themed, this information should be included with the invitation, along with any maps that might be needed. You must go with the traditional RSVP system, as this will confirm who is actually going to attend.

Know your Budget

This is something you need to know at the very outset, and after some careful consideration, hopefully you will have a figure that can be allocated to the costs of the wedding. Once you know where you stand financially, you can begin to contact the essential services you will need, and start to collect quotes.

The Photographer

Perhaps the most important selection you will make, will be the person who is going to record this auspicious occasion, in the form of still images, and of course, video. You might know someone who has a really good camera, but it just isn’t worth taking the chance with something as important as a wedding, which is why you should source a reputable company in your area. If you are in NSW, and looking for a Newcastle wedding photographer, there are online specialists who are very experienced in all event photography, and can put together a memorable film, carefully edited by professionals.

The Venue

Now you know how many people are attending, you can start to look at possible venues, and with a firm budget in mind, you can shortlist to two or three, and then spend an afternoon checking them out. If they are experienced at hosting wedding receptions, there would be a range of fixed menus, and they would have well stocked bars, and can probably arrange the cake, and the music too. Overnight accommodation might be required, so look for a place that either has rooms, or is close to a hotel. Some of the guests might be having so much fun, they want to stay until the next morning.

If you need some help, enlist a friend, as two people are much better, and that way, you won’t forget anything important. A wedding is a special event, and if planned well, will be remembered by all who attended.

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