Event Photography – So Why Do Use Your Images?

Event Photography – So Why Do Use Your Images?

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If you wish to know the best way to enhance your sales you must know why use so when.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is really a theory in psychology, suggested by Abraham Maslow in 1943 and breaks lower our needs right into a pyramid with this most fundamental needs at the end which are physiological needs, fundamental essentials apparent needs for human survival for example Breathing and Food, so no requirement of photographs.

The 2nd layer, Safety needs handles such aspects as Personal Security, Financial Security and Health insurance and Well-Being, so it may be contended that costly portrait purchases in a high-street professional photographer will be a threat only at that level. Layer 3 is Social needs and handles Friendship, Closeness and Family and deals with spend belonging, a necessity to recognize who we’re. People enjoy being a part of an organization and also have a name photos will help reinforce individuals identities.

The 4th layer is Esteem and takes the minds of belongingness one step further because everyone is fine with having recognition via their activities which make them feel recognized i.e. everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame or simply the respect of the peers. Only at that level use photographs because they would like to show who they really are and just what they are able to do.

The top is Self-actualization and as with every stages you’ll want achieved the low stages to obtain here. Self-actualization the personal have to be the very best at what for you to do like the best professional photographer or best forum moderator. Only at that level use your photographs since the photographs are the most useful that they’ll buy.

So following the Psycho babble where exactly shall we be? In fact because of the choice between Food & Drink or investing in a photograph, the photograph comes second. In an event we deliberately reduced the cost to £8 which permitted any child that were given a £10 note to purchase their photograph along with a can of coke etc. which enables these to fulfil layer 1 and therefore layer 3.

An order in an event covers many layers, Layer 3 to participate the audience, Layer 4 to exhibit just how these were to other people. It is just when Layers 1 & 2 have established yourself that individuals will consider buying. Shelter is among the most fundamental needs therefore if the elements isn’t good individuals will leave early, or they might finish in profits tent however, you can promise lower sales.

There’s also using feelings.

Guilt is necessary – if some children happen to be bought photographs it can make parents guilty their children don’t also provide photographs – you don’t need to operate about this emotion because there will always be the haves and also the have nots – you’ll frequently hear we’ll have a card and appear on-line – should you cant encourage them to buy then there your opportunity of these buying later on will most likely be around 10-20% – again consider the way in which venture sell.

Avarice, so why do many companies use the thought of buy 2 acquire one free? For the reason that individuals are greedy to obtain the free one and frequently they believe that they’re those gaining but when I sell at X and my pricing is Y it is much better to create 2X-3Y than to create X-Y from the customer.

Vanity, result in the customer feel great, tell how fantastic they appear within the images, my customers possess the best searching horse or best searching child. At social occasions it’s the professional photographer that starts the sales patter to place individuals the atmosphere to purchase, departing the sales agents to shut the offer and never getting to initiate it.

You will find further stuff that come up for example gullibility or stupidity – £9.99 sounds a great deal under £10 but is just .1% less – they’re basically exactly the same cost however this meets also try this that individuals like some vary from an email or that they don’t enjoy having to give an email and alter – potentially sales will decrease a lot by selling at £11 each rather of £10 each that you’d make more profit at £8 each.

For your entire event photography singapore needs, the company you intend to hire should be competent to handle all kinds of events. The company should have the best staff to handle your event capturing needs in the right manner.

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